Yoga Clothing- Is it a must?

in Apr 30, 2024

We all wish to look great in a class. Be it yoga ,pilates, zumba or latin dancing. Looking the part is step number 1. Feeling the part is step 2. And becoming yogi is a step 3.
Although as much as i would love for step 3 to be step 1 , the journey of a yoga student starts with step i, i.e., looking good.

Since we all are different shapes and sizes (thank God for that!) Yoga clothing companies like yogamasti and others have created beautiful and comfortable clothes for all yogis alike. From 100% cottons to lycra blends to moisture wicking fabrics, the clothes for yoga are many.

So hunting for the right blend of fabric look and comfort is the first step. Yogamasti beleives that if the designs are yogic, they will make you feel good and yogalike, if there is such a term…and of course will help you in your postures and learning.

Hence all of yogamasti yoga clothes, both for men and women are designed keeping the yogi in mind. We have created a Chakra, OM and a Lotus look which has been doing fantastically well with students and teachers alike.

Yogamasti is soon coming up with a NEW LOOK at the yoga show in london, so you will be pleasantly surprised.Once again a very comfortable fabric and some chic yogi designs.

All ideas are welcome