Make Yoga Work For You

in Apr 30, 2024

How do we make yoga work for us?

Well….one has to work for it like anything else in life. Nothing comes for free as they say and Yoga only works for you once you commit to it. Commitment of a higher nature.

Regular asana practice and equally regular meditation practice, I feel is necessary to make yoga work for us. Just physical aspect of yoga if not combined with the meditative side to it can lead to ego enhancement and that is going against yogic practices or teachings.

When they say yoga is a way of life-stands true-it really is!

Watching your Anger(Kordia) Sex(Kama)Attachment(mosh) Greed(lobar) Ego(ahankara) while living a yogic way of life will definitely make yoga work for you in all its totality.

Try it...