Yoga For Bad Posture

in Apr 16, 2024


These days I’m finding a lot of articles on how to prevent and cure bad postures, and to be fair…I could really use this! I know yoga can help a lotand if you suffer from bad posture as well then I suggest you carrying on reading!

Did you know that not sitting or standing straight can have serious effects on your health & emotions?! Yep! I assure you…Slouching will cave your lungs in-wards, which in turn lack of oxygen to the head, resulting in an abundance of pressure, causing you to endure headaches, migraines, and mood-swings! Just think about how you look as well when you slouch…You look lazy, closed, antisocial, and most importantly…You look insecure.

To correct this, it’s simple! Using yoga to fit your personal needs will fix you up in no time at all! Here are bullet points of a couple of postures that will enhance your posture:

  • Standing Forward Bend
  • Bridge Pose
  • Upward Facing Dog
  • Cow Face Pose

These are just a glimpse of all the poses one can try to gain a better posture. Just practicing these simple yoga poses will enhance your spine alignment! Other simple solutions could be to keep your palms open when sitting down. This might sound a little off, but in fact the body will react in a positive way due to being in such an unusual posture. Just lay your hands flat on your thighs, palms up, and witness your back straighten up almost immediately! Other ideas can include maybe setting one or two alarms on your phone as a friendly reminder…

We also have very good pics on Pinterest which show you how to improve your posture…Go check it out by clicking here

So let me ask you…Do you have problems with holding up a good posture?

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