Breathe or Die!

in Apr 16, 2024

Breath is life, life is breath. Breathe or die! The keystone of our yoga practice, our breath is our support, our strength and our flow from asana to asana. Deep breathing has so many health and wellness benefits we could write a library, but here’s some quick tips and products from your friends here at Yogamasti that could boost your yoga practice and help you purge some of that work/life stress!

Combined with meditation deep breathing can be a powerful tool for balancing yourself from the inside – if you find you spend a lot of your energy launching then crashing, launching then crashing – give this combination a try. Find a quiet spot with a meditation cushion, meditation mat or yoga mat, settle yourself and add deep, even breaths to your chosen routine, pulling your breath behind your sternum and into your stomach and holding it briefly. You should feel the blood start to rush immediately! Whenever your energy drops as you’re going about your day-to-day, take a minute or two for deep breathing – you should perk up!

As well as boosting circulation and relaxing you, deep breaths like these also help to tighten up your abdominal and intestinal muscles – awesome! Every little helps towards a better yoga practice, no?

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Have a great weekend everyone! And remember – don’t stop breathing!