Pilates Vs Yoga

in Apr 16, 2024

Buongiorno (hello in Italian)!

I was recently asked by a friend what the difference was between pilates and yoga…It’s probably a personal thing, but I’d shine a better light on yoga as it is in fact the type of practice that I prefer. However, both these practices are efficient in their own ways. Let me explain by starting off with this simple image:

So as you see from the image, yoga is more than just a simple practice, it’s something you take away with you. You eat, breathe, sleep yoga and this as a lifestyle/ personal choice; whereas pilates is something you leave behind when walking out the gym. Pilates is a more intense kind of practice, where you are bound to burn off excess fat, energise and lose weight at a much quicker rate than with yoga.

All in all, it just comes down to personal choice. I’d say if you’re looking to avoid the gym because you don’t have time or for whatever other reason but you need quick results: go for Pilates. But if you need a healthier lifestyle and an ongoing, stable relationship with your body (so not “yo-yo’ing” around with your weight), go for yoga!

In either case, good luck!

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