Yogamasti Update: New Products Have Been Added

in Apr 12, 2024

Here’s some new products from us as we steadily add more of our Buddha Boutique products to the Yogamasti site! In case you don’t know – Buddha Boutique is our Coventry based store where we sell all of our hippy and new age stuff, as well as our Yogamasti clothing. Currently due to Covid-19 we’re closed, and people are missing our store! Adding our Boutique stuff to Yogamasti has been a long time coming, but we’re almost there! Take a look what’s new this week:

Gorgeous Hippy Bags & Backpacks


More incredible artisan work! Each of these bags is 100% unique – so hurry, when they’re gone, they’re gone! Comprised of recycled vintage embroidery pieces. Every single patch is stunning! Plus, they’re very spacious. If you’re the kind of person that carries around everything but the kitchen sink, you’ll definitely get along with this handbag! A hippy patchwork handbag that is functional, spacious and one of a kind.


These bags are hugely popular in Buddha Boutique – for good reason! Finally a hippy backpack that’s actually got some space in it! The flap on top is made from recycled vintage embroidery pieces, so every single bag is a unique item. A perfect holiday bag (for when we are all allowed to go on holiday again!). Made in Nepal using traditional weaving methods.

Hand Carved Artisan Ganesha Carving For Altars And Mantles


These little relief carvings are made in the traditional Nepalese ‘Mani stone’ style. Ganesha inspires us all to overcome our obstacles and not fear new beginnings. The carvings at the shop are made by a man we met in Nepal on our travels!

Ayurvedic Incense Blended Especially For Yoga Practice


This is an Ayurvedic blend incense that is made specifially for Yoga. It’s hand rolled, 100% natural and will completely uplift your practice. A high quality Yoga incence that also works for meditation sessions, as it has a wonderful clarifying effect. This is one of our Buddha Boutique favourites. Once they’ve sniffed the box – it’s sold! If you’re new to Ayurveda, we’ve brushed on eating an Ayurvedic diet here.

Natural Incense Cones Set With Holder


A gorgeous little addition to our gifts section! These are going to make great stocking fillers for yogis come Christmas. They come with a little ceramic holder that is completely adorable, and collects any ash.

A Beautiful Eden Oil Burner And Fragrance Oils


We’re steadily adding more and more incense and home fragrance options for the site, so stay tuned! This is one of our new products that you’ll use forever. Burning oils is a great cost effective fragrance option, as one bottle of oil goes such a long way. You get a lot more bang-for-your-buck, fragrance wise if you choose oils. Plus, the burners look great on your mantle or in your bathroom.

Is there anything from Buddha Boutique you’d love to see on our site? Any holistic or new age products you wished we stocked? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to bring them to you!