The Best Seamless Yoga Leggings That Aren’t Plastic

in Apr 12, 2024

Look – we’re just going to say it – ours are the best seamless Yoga leggings. There are plenty of reasons why we make such a bold claim, but the biggest is this: organic cotton. We were adamant that sportswear performance doesn’t have to come from 100% synthetic garments. They’re bad for the environment, irritate sensitive skin and most move and feel like what they’re made from (plastic). We’ve put together the best blend of natural and high-tech to create a seamless clothing collection that feels like wearing nothing at all.

Yoga teacher Maureen wearing our Bhakti seamless yoga leggings moving to firefly pose! Check them out: Bhakti Organic Seamless High Waist Yoga Leggings, Black

Why Are Synthetic Leggings So Popular?

Other than the price? Synthetic fibres are cheap, quick and easy to produce en-masse and don’t have a traditional supply chain. This price gets passed on to consumers at the detriment to the planet. A lot of manufacturers treat their leggings with harsh chemicals to dye them or alter the fabric texture. The SECOND biggest reason people go for synthetic in their activewear is that it has moisture wicking and a light feel. (It’s good to note however that most of the cheaper synthetic clothing doesn’t boast these useful properties).

What’s Different About Yogamasti Seamless Leggings?

Getting this high tech breathability doesn’t have to mean sacrificing natural, sustainable materials. All you need to do is find the right blend of natural and synthetic. 100% cotton will never be as lightweight as a cotton blend, and plenty of intense practices need naked-feel clothing. Not to mention your polyester leggings could be on this planet for the next 200 years! Cotton breaks down in 1-5 months at landfill. We’ve added just enough modern synthetic fibres to give you the moisture management and stretch you need, without the plastic feel.

We’ve offered high cotton seamless clothing with wicking for years (you can get it cheap here as we phase it out!). The best seamless yoga leggings are always the ones that feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. And polyester just can’t manage that! But now we offer seamless leggings that are even better – high organic cotton content and made in sunny Portugal. Ashtanga Organic Full Length Yoga Leggings, Seamless, High Waist, Pink

What Do People Like Most About Our Leggings?

We always say in our store Buddha Boutique, that once someone has tried on our leggings, they’re sold! I wear them pretty much every day and you can’t beat them. We’re a UK yoga brand but we’ve taken our clothes to Yoga festivals all over the world – once they’re tried on, they’re gone! Heavy synthetic leggings seem like a prison after you’ve worn ones that feel like you’re naked (in a good way!).

There’s plenty more to love about the fabric other than sustainability and softness. It’s a very supportive, bouncy blend that wont ever bag out or lose shape. This is particularly important around the waist as you don’t want your leggings to slip down in Yoga practice (they also hold the tummy in!). They’ll still look the same as the day you bought them after every wash, too. My pair of Bhakti leggings are over 2 years old and still going strong. People come in all the time saying they’ve worn our clothes to death over the years and just buy an identical garment again!

Where Can I Check Out The Best Seamless Yoga Leggings Ever Then?

Here! You’ll love them – I guarantee it! Yoga teachers especially love these as they’re very versatile – they work great for both gentle practice and very demanding poses. Check out their stretch! If you’re a teacher too you can get

Check out our seamless tops too! They’re made from the same unbeatable fabric (plus they all have built in bras!).

If you need advice for the best clothing for your practice just let us know in the comment or drop us a message on any of our social media platforms!