NEW From Buddha Boutique And Yogamasti

in Apr 12, 2024

New from Buddha Boutique! We’ve been shopping! I know you guys haven’t heard from us in a while – we’ve been so busy! We’ve been adding to our shop interior, running Yoga challenges, seeing you guys at festivals… and so much more! When you’re a small yoga brand like us you never run out of things to do.

But one thing we love about being a hippy shop too? SHOPPING! We travel all over the world finding (or at least we DID pre-covid..) unique handmade items and spiritual goodies. For Buddha Boutique, Christmas starts months early too. We need to find all the most beautiful gifts for you guys to give!

A Chakra lover’s perfect gift!

When we shop we think – what will our visitors adore? What will inspire them? Spirituality is all about inspiration – so how can we deliver it? One item that flies off the shelves in the store is gemstone jewelry. The Rose Quartz items in particular, as it aids calm, relationships, and heart healing. It’s associated with the Heart Chakra(Anahata), and heart-healing makes a great gift. We could all use a little of that after the year we’ve had! Take a look at this beautiful little rose quartz bracelet:
The lotus reminds us to stay open, pure, and connected with the higher self.

We already stock some beautiful Yoga bracelets online, but we have ordered so, so many more that we’ll be adding to the site! Another thing that will be new from Buddha Boutique this season – beautiful Balinese scented candles!

I know it’s a rough image – but I just know these are going to look INCREDIBLE, right? Everyone loves a scented candle, right? I have dozens at home and have them burning all winter long. Scented candles are great for meditation, too. Aromas awaken all kinds of emotions in us. We’ve also got loads of incense on the way, including blends made specifically for your Yoga practice. If you want to keep up with what’s new from Buddha Boutique, check out our Instagram page – I often post instagram stories opening new things as they arrive and showing more details!