Your Spring Yoga Wardrobe – Our Suggestions

in Apr 17, 2024

Spring is a time of big changes, clear outs and getting ready for the summer. The weather is unpredictable, so you can be bathing in sun and chilly in the same

day! Here are our suggestions for your spring yoga look.

Our Organic Chakra Leggings have a floral pop of colour and just the right balance of warmth and breathability that you’ll need in the temperamental spring days. You can walk straight from the street and into the studio and still feel comfortable, whether it’s warm or cool. Pair with our White Chaturanga Bamboo top for a sunny, breezy look.

For more intense practice and gym work, our new Organic Bhakti Leggings are supportive and breathable. They can go straight to a streetwear look by adding a hoody or tunic. Or, for a perfect gym match, try our Om top.

These are just a couple of suggestions, but take a look around the site and find what works best for you!

Spring has sprung – best wishes to all of you!