Why You Need Mother & Daughter Yoga

in Apr 17, 2024

It’s a celebration of motherhood in the UK this weekend, with international women’s day and mothering Sunday within a couple of days of each other. It’s a no-brainer that we should find time for our parents or grown children – come sun or rain, our relationships define who we are. So why should you try mother/daughter yoga?

You’re More Likely To Succeed (And Stick With It)

Research proves that any kind of exercise or lifestyle change is better with someone doing the same by your side. Some yoga styles can be tough for beginners!  A partner who knows you better than anyone means your efforts to encourage each other will likely be more successful. There’s no one better to convince you to stick with the yoga class (after your first Ashtanga session left you with sore muscles you didn’t even know you had!).

Bonding Through Bending

A class full of strangers can be daunting, but when you have someone beside you that you know will never judge you, and is invested in your success and happiness, you’ll find any unease curbed.

Activities with the people we love brings us closer, and can teach us things about each other we didn’t know. And wouldn’t it be lovely to learn something new about someone you thought you knew inside and out? You’ve got a cheerleader in your Mother or Daughter – use it to get the most out of your Yoga practice! Open the door to all the benefits Yoga can bring to both of your lives.

The perfect synergy of Mother and Daughter supporting each other (and offering a grin and a helping hand when you mess up!) builds up your momentum like nothing else. Whatever your goal with Yoga, whether it’s losing weight, getting flexible or just improving general health, you’re better together than you are apart. That’s love for you!

We are all so busy all the time – making time to spend with your closest ladies is vital, and why not improve your body and wellness at the same time? Let’s face it – you deserve it, and so do they.