4 Major Signs YOU need Yoga

in Apr 17, 2024

Here are the Yogamasti top 4 signs you need to hit the yoga mat! The numerous benefits of yoga are widely known, but how do you know you need yoga? Do you need to get some me-time in the yogi way?

4 Signs YOU Need Yoga

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  1. You’re stressed out

Many people use yoga as a form of stress management. Getting into your body gets you out of your head! Pair this with a circulation boost and muscle relaxation you’ll get with your postures and yoga could be your stress relief miracle!

  1. You’ve got no energy

You’ll find that expending energy on yoga can give you far more energy overall. Far from depleting your energy stores, exercise and stretching gives you a better body ‘recharge’ rate. In yoga you utilise all areas of your body, and as it learns new movements it improves your ‘baseline’ fitness and energy levels.

  1. You’re not flexible

Stiff? Find it hard to tie your shoes, let alone grab your toes? Finding reaching and twisting your waist harder than it used to be? You need some yogi stretches to bring back some elasticity to your limbs! Supple muscles and smooth moving joints can transform how you approach day to day life. What seemed like chores before are easier, quicker and less daunting.

  1. You can’t concentrate

The yoga headspace calms your thoughts and grounds you in the moment. If you have trouble with distractions and clear thinking, yoga could help you get back in the zone. Letting go of all that internal noise and getting into your physical space clears away all the confusing cobwebs and half-thoughts from your mind.