How To Choose a Yoga Mat That is Perfect for You

in Apr 17, 2024

There’s such a wide variety of yoga mats out there that picking one can be confusing. Every mat has people saying it is the correct and only type of mat to use. But the reality here is that the perfect mat is whatever is perfect for YOU! Sticky mats, towel mats, TPE mats, PVC mats, hemp mats, extra-long mats, cotton mats. That’s not to mention mat thickness! Here’s our guide to the different types of mats we offer so you can feel more comfortable choosing what’s right for you.

An All Rounder?


Do you need a mat that is multi-purpose, fits all styles of yoga, and is high performance? Our Practice Plus mats are textured and reversible. They also have that ‘sticky’ grip surface which is a must for styles like Ashtanga Yoga.



 Do you like to incorporate spirituality into your practice? Our Chakra mat is perfect for keeping your focus on your energy centres, and drawing your attention back to them as you practice. Plus, the vibrant screen printing on a black background works amazingly with an all-white get up if you’re practicing Kundalini Yoga. It’s a stylish and practical addition to your yoga kit, and has that little spiritual touch to satisfy your yogi soul.

Always on the Go?

Our Travel-Light mat is inexpensive, ultra-light, high performance and has enough cushioning to support you during practice. It’s slightly thinner than average and can be rolled or folded so you can take it anywhere. If you’re always rushing around, or hit the gym or studio straight after or before work, our travel light mat will be perfect for you.