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Natural Solid Perfume Gift Set of 6 Fragrances

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Natural solid perfume gift set of 6 fragrances in decorative enamel tins. Made using natural essential oils, herbs and beeswax. These perfumes are ultra long lasting so you can still enjoy the fragrance hours after applying it. The natural ingredients mean it is much kinder to the skin than synthetic perfumes and will not damage your jewellery. Each perfume comes in a brass tin with a decorative enamel lid. Note that designs are all random so we cannot guarantee which you will receive. However, all designs will be different so you can easily tell which perfume is which.

The fragrances included in the set are:

Sandalwood (earthy and purifying)

Jasmine (soft, floral and delicate)

Kama Sutra (warm honey fragrance)

Rose (floral and elegant)

Nag Champa (blend of sandalwood and floral notes)

Patchouli (earthy, musky and energising)

  • 6x solid perfumes in 25mm enamel tins
  • Velvet lined storage tray in royal blue
  • Ultra long lasting fragrance
  • Apply directly onto the skin
  • Natural fragrances & ingredients
  • Perfect gift for Christmas, Valentines or birthdays