3 Core Yoga Poses to Stay Supple and Beat Stiffness

in Apr 16, 2024

3 Core Yoga Poses to Stay Supple

Supple body, supple spirit! Here are some top poses to keep your body bendy and your mood high. It’s summertime and the last thing you want is to feel like your joints are frozen up, right? Besides that, when your everyday movements are smooth and adaptable your mood will improve. So take note, grab your yoga mat and add these poses to your yoga routine! You’ll be bendy as a willow branch in no time! We’ve picked these three as they are simple and not too hard on a body that’s not so bendy.

1 – Sukhasana or Easy Pose

Fold your legs underneath yourself in a classic meditation pose with your feet under your knees. Practicing this pose regularly is great for hip tightness and increases hip mobility. If you find this difficult or like your muscles are too tight for it, try using one of our yoga blocks to sit on. This will elevate you slightly and really open up your joints.

2 – Downward Dog (Adho mukha śvānāsana)

This asana is one of the top poses for loosening up those arms and legs. Probably the most well-known asana by name, Downward Dog or Downward Facing Dog is practiced by bending at the waist and forming a triangular shape with both hands and feet shoulder-width apart. If you can’t hold this perfectly straight first time, don’t worry! Practice, practice, practice!

3 – Child’s Pose

Finally, the Child’s Pose. Kneeling, lean forward and stretch your arms out in front of you on your yoga mat, leaning over your knees and dipping your head down. This is one of the poses that will prevent stiffness in your back muscles and spine (using the forward stretching variation), and is great for loosening up thighs and hips.

Remember – don’t push yourself! You can’t work all that stiffness out at once! Gentle + daily + yoga = supple.