The Om Symbol Explained by Yogamasti

in Apr 16, 2024

Hello Beautiful People,

Today I’d like to talk about the symbol of Om, what it means and how we can use it on a daily basis.

First off, here is a detailed image of the meaning of Om:

Om or Aom is said to represent our interaction with the world around us. A is for the the Creator, O represents the Preserver, and M is the Destroyer. The actual symbol plays on both our conscious & subconscious state, with the top of the curve being the former and bottom half the latter. The dot is what yogi’s would refer to as “ultimate reality” or “the perfect state” where we reach our natural state of being, in a mind free of anxiety and yearnings. The arch cupping the dot embodies the folds between what we are and who we are. With Yoga we unravel these layers. The wavy line is the “dream state” where for instance we are in deep meditation, your thoughts are void and you are just about to plunge into a sleeping state.

Chanting Om: it’s pronunciation comes from three areas of the symbol. The top part of the curve represents the sound “aaahhh”, the bottom curve is “ooohhh” and the dot is “mmmmmm”. The first sound requires the back of the mouth and creates a vibration that filters through your body; the second part of the chant uses the middle part of the mouth and here you feel the vibrations mostly in your throat and chest area. The final part “mmmmmm” is made with the lips closed and this resonates the sound in your whole head, so as to really absorb the flow.

Wearing Om: Yogamasti takes care of your every need when you need to meditate and really get into the spirit of Om. This is why we have a whole range of clothing and accessories for OM. Browse the collection by clicking hereFrom hand painted om leggings, meditation wraps and an actual Om hanging plate (on sale now by the way!!!), you will not lose a second of admiration for this magnificent and gorgeous symbol.

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Yogi Hugs from Yogamasti

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