60 Second Yoga! Two 1 Minute Quick Yoga Lifts You Can Do Anytime.

in Apr 17, 2024

Quick Yoga Mood Boosts In 60 Seconds!


De-stress – you can drop that extra weight on your shoulders with some quick yoga! Yoga is proven as a stress reliever – you can feel better in less than a minute. Try this: Stand up straight with your arms by your sides in mountain pose. Draw your arms up into tree pose, but keep both feet on the ground. Then move your hands down slowly towards the centre of your chest.  As you move, breathe in and out at a slow, controlled pace. Then, slowly draw your hands back down to your sides. Repeat for one minute, doing about 6 cycles.


Before bed, or just after waking, get in some quick yoga therapy! Roll over into child’s pose and hold for ten seconds, with one inhale per second, and one exhale per second. Then rock slowly backwards, and up and forward into Cow Pose. Then alternate between Cow Pose and Cats Pose to loosen up your core. Each alternation should last for 5 seconds. Repeat 8 times. After this, roll backwards into childs pose, then finish with a loooong 10 second stretch into Cobra Pose.