A Bit Of Yoga Poetry To Calm Your Mind

in Apr 12, 2024

Isn’t poetry a kind of asana for the mind..? Here’s a lil Yoga poem I wrote.

Yoga sings to we who seek

A guide to balance, calm, and peace.

Inhale, exhale, release our fear,

Find solace in each moment here,


Breathe the beauty of our earth,

And let our spirit know its worth.

I’ll breathe each stretch and bend and flow,

And rhythm in my soul will grow,

And with each breath, I’ll find release,

From thought that causes pain or grief.

My mind is soothed, my will is pure,

My spirit calm, my heart is sure,

As body, spirit, breath unite,

In quiet harmony and light.


With each sun salutation’s rise,

My soul ascends to further heights,

And in each Shavasana rest,

I feel the peace that’s in my chest,

Come, let yoga be our guide,

A path to joy that’s deep inside,

And let your heart and soul take flight,

When we embrace this ancient rite.