Affirmations For All Chakras

in Apr 11, 2024

We're just finishing Chakra Week here and we've loved this colourful self reflection! Here's the affirmations for all Chakras that we put together. Inspire yourself to work on your energy centres! If you're new to Chakra healing and want a little intro or refresher, try this post. Chakras make such an incredible difference to people's lives - they break down healing into manageable areas so we can build the supporting structure for the higher self. It's when we have all areas of the self in balance and harmony that we can see truths we would have missed. Affirmations are proven to motivate us to make changes. We incorporate positive habits and 'rewire' our minds to treat ourselves more kindly.

Affirmation For The Root Chakra 'Muladhara' For Grounding And Security

A root chakra affirmation on a image of a tree with large roots, part 1 of the affirmations for all chakras
A Root Chakra affirmation will help you feel more grounded.

Root Chakra Affirmation:

I am in control. I am grounded. My roots are strong.

Try this whenever you feel anxious or unstable

The Root Chakra, Muladhara is your base, your foundation and your security. Repeating this affirmation will help you feel connected to the earth and what has come before you. Feeling grounded to the earth, reality and physical space is a great way to battle anxiety. Anxiety is the hyper-focus on a negative future that hasn't happened. The present moment is it's cure. For help with Root Chakra problems, check out this post.

Affirmation For The Sacral Chakra 'Svadhisthana' For Creativity And Joy

part two of the affirmations for all chakras, a sacral chakra affirmation on an orange tinted background of many hands covered in paint touching each other
A Sacral Chakra affirmation will help you feel more creative and help you balance your indulgences,

I am creative. I am vibrant. I deserve pleasure. Pleasure does not control me.

Try this when you're hitting a creative obstacle, or over/under indulging in joy.

We're bombarded with avenues to instant gratification. But at the same time we are shamed for taking pleasure. It is something that we need, and that we deserve. Pleasure is also something that can become destructive, too. When it becomes a balm for larger issues, and a means of escaping them, we can fall prey to unhealthy habits and coping mechanisms. Savour pleasure - always notice when something that used to give you pleasure is indulged in so often, it's only half as good as it was. For help with Sacral Chakra problems check out this post.

Affirmation For The Solar Plexus Chakra 'Manipura' For Confidence

This Solar Plexus Chakra affirmation will help you stay positive and have the courage to succeed.

I am bold. I pursue my goals. I deserve my successes. The sun shines on me.

Try this when you're having a crisis of confidence, or are caught up in negative thinking.

Courage is a tricky one - because it needs fear to exist! But boldness is a learned habit, and once you start practicing it in small ways... big changes follow! No matter how dreary the day, use this Manipura affirmation to remind yourself that no matter where you are, the sun shines on you. You carry the sun inside - when you need to be bold and chase your goals, pull that light out through the solar plexus. For help with the Solar Plexus Chakra try this post.

Affirmation For The Heart Chakra - Anahata For Love And Heart Healing

An Anahata affirmation that will help you give and receive love.

I am loved. I love in return. My heart is my abundance.

Try this when you're feeling alone or angry.

The core of us is our ability to love and love in return. The centre of ourselves is where we draw in the love of those around it and express it ourselves. But make sure not to make the Heart Chakra the 'romance Chakra'. Platonic and familial love are vital to an individuals balance. Often the heart healing we need doesn't come from romantic relationships, but the kind words of friends and loved ones. When your heart Chakra is open to love, you attract the kind of relationships you really want. It also allows us to exercise compassion for others, even if we don't understand them fully. For help with Anahata try this post.

Affirmation For The Throat Chakra 'Vishudda' For Better Communication

Vishuddha is often often overlooked, but communicating the energy of the other Chakras is vital, so use this affirmation when you're tongue tied.

I speak my mind. My opinions are valid. I speak honestly, but kindly, to others.

Try this when you're feeling like your opinion isn't being heard, or you're too afraid to voice it.

I would like to see more love out there for the Throat Chakra! Self expression and adequate communication are vital for us social animals! Vishuddha is where we express the energy of the other Chakras. It's how we manifest ideas in reality. It's where we express our boundaries - of all the Chakras it is our most vital tool for relating to our outer world. If you're always holding your tongue, feel you'll say something wrong, or can't speak up - try this Vishuddha affirmation! For help with the Throat Chakra try this post.

Affirmation For The Third Eye Chakra 'Ajna' For Intuition And Truth

Opening the Third Eye and letting go of rigid thinking is hard. Try this Ajna affirmation to open yourself up.

I am open to truth. I trust my intuition. I embrace my spiritual needs.

Try this affirmation when you're feeling the mundane overwhelm you.

The mundane rhythms of life can make opening the Third Eye difficult. Our Ajna and spiritual self are often put aside for more practical matters, and it's understandable why. We do live in a physical world after all! But neglecting our spiritual selves causes us to have more rigid and orthodox thinking. To be open to new ideas and to embrace them (whether you incorporate them into your beliefs or not) is vital to relating to others. Often the 'why' of people's actions is their beliefs. And often our first impressions and assumptions are wrong! The truth is out there - just remember to be open to changing yours. If you need help with Ajna, try this post.

Affirmation For The Crown Chakra 'Sahasrara' For Divine Meditation

We are all creatures of the same divine universe, and it's inside all of us. Try this Crown Chakra Affirmation to help connect with it.

I honour the divine inside me. I see the divine in all around me.

Try this affirmation when you're sinking into meditation.

There's a divinity and a connectedness that every atom of this universe shares. When we meditate we're reaching out to it by allowing the absence of the ego and the self. Whether we believe in God, Gods or just the miracles of science - when we meditate we feel something more than the waking experience. The Crown Chakra lets us step outside the ego and all the little worldy wants and reach higher. Try this affirmation to remind yourself that you, too are part of a divine web of energy and oneness. If you need help with the Crown Chakra, try this post.

And Those Are Our Affirmations For All Chakras!

We hope you've found something useful here - feel free to download the pics for inspiration! Come back to this post when you ever need a little motivation to work on your Chakra healing. If you've got a good Chakra affirmation - let us know! Every little helps our rainbow life!

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