Are you on the Right Track?

in Apr 16, 2024

Its been a while I wrote something, hope you all have been good and the new year is bringing loads of joy, happiness and new challenges!

So what do we talk about today?? Lets try to figure out an answer to the question which comes to our mind at various points in our life and applies to our Yoga practice as well….and that is – Are we on the right track?

We all undertake various activities in life keeping in mind some goals, we have some objectives in mind….but how to know if we are on the right way to achieve that aim.

Assessing your progress on a regular basis is very essential to ensure that you are achieving what you have set out for. But we need to remember one crucial thing, when is comes to meditation and yoga….Patience is the key. Like anything in life, Yoga is also not a miracle. Things don’t change over night. Persistence, Perseverance and Commitment are the key to achieving success.

Since, it takes time for some things to show result the doubt that whether you are moving on the right track might appear at regular intervals and the most essential thing to do and understand is that its totally normal.

One should always remember that most of the benefits of yoga are not tangible. These benefits range from a deeper emotional understanding and awareness, a calmer mind and a number of positive physical changes. So try and look out for the small changes in your behaviour. Talk to the people around and take their opinion. At times people notice changes faster in you that you can. All this will help you see whether or not you are moving in the right direction on not. It is always good to share your goals with your close ones.

However, if you are the kind who wants results that can be actively measured and seen, not just felt there are a number of ways that progress can be measured within a practice. If your aim is to reduce fat, take regular measurements and that will help you keep a check. If you are suffering from an ailment, monitor your improvement and see if you can experience any change in your condition.

Always remember that the ability to measure progress in one’s practice is something that students and Yoga instructors can keep track of, although the results are not often readily seen. Instead, they can be felt and expressed in other ways, not just physically.

So next time you have any doubts on your practice, just stop for a movement, take a deep breath, assess the situation and you will get an answer to you question i.e. Are you on the right track?