Can Yoga Center You?

in Apr 30, 2024
How are we to center ourselves?

With so many worldly distractions and so little knowledge and awareness about the self within, its easy to go astray…much too easy i feel…

My greed doesn’t let me stop even when i don’t need any more. I am never satiated and that’s sad. i try though not to let greed take over me.

My anger – well…shows up everywhere, in intolerance, in regret, in resentment – in disagreement when my ego wants to win badly- much too difficult to escape.

My attachment to everything is my sole cause of misery. its as if i want to own everything and everyone and make them my own. hard lesson of detachment came to me when my parents passed away.

My ego – ha ha ha…is nearly always a winner…I simply don’t like that weakness in me which through the practice of yoga , i am trying to let go of.

My kama – well there are moments here and there when I decide not to look in the mirror at all and that is when i truely realise that I really can be free – I just need the will.

Yoga is my way to let go of all of the above and be a free liberated soul. i will get there with perseverance and awareness, i know…so will you.

Love always,