Meditation Tips

in Apr 30, 2024
Meditation cannot be taught or so I feel. Its self learned through practice. Dedication and a calling for inner truth is a must. Still mentioning a few tips from my own experience that might help some of you…

  • Sit in a most comfortable position to you where you can have your spine straight. It doesn’t have to be a sukhasana or a lotus position. Everyones body has different abilities so work with yours.
  • Keep the shoulders relaxed, neck straight and relaxed and hands on your knees, face up or down to suit you.
  • Since the kundalini energy rises through your ida and pingla (spine) its important to keep your spine not only relaxed but keep your awareness there all the time.
  • Once settled and comfortable, let go…let go of your thoughts emotions and whatver else and become a witness.
  • Witness your breath coming out of your nostrils- watch how it feels.
  • Witness your body- is there pain somewhere? Is it hot or cool anywhere? Is it itching to move anywhere? Anything.
  • Witness your thoughts – simply watch them. Don’t get carried away with them or react to them. Even if you end up reacting, watch the reaction.
  • Soon with all this watching and repeated action, will there be silence – starting with a few seconds between the hustle and bustle.
  • That silence is when you come into a meditative state. Don’t want it to happen, if you are wanting it you are coming from the mind again.
  • It wont happen just like that. Meditative state cannot be bought, it has to be achieved with no effort.
  • Effortless state is actually a state of meditation too.

But please don't give up without trying…making sure that your preparation for meditation starts with cleaning your alter, dressing your alter how you feel at peace with. It might be as easy and simple as lighting a candle.

You might want to add some back ground music. light an incense, have an image of someone sacred to you in your space. have a chakra mat. Whatever…and then ts most important to wear comfortable clothing for meditation. Clothing which reflects in its fabric and feel a sacredness. For example wearing adidas clothing might not have the same effect as a chakra wrap might have…

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Enjoy this blissful state and stay with it.