Does Yoga Make You Hindu?

in Apr 16, 2024
Well here is a thought! A Muslim woman has been on the news as her family is worried that if she does yoga she will be considered a hindu!! and such thoughts are being entertainied and a cause for worry in many other religions as well since Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice with connections to Hinduism and Buddhism. My point is  when do us humans start connecting to our source and realising through our practice of yoga our purpose, our union with other beings, our own egos and its variations etc etc and STOP thinking about its origins, where it come from, which religion? Ahhh! dont we actually stop thinking.. at least for the hour of our practice and go into the wonderland of breath and where it takes us? Why do we have to encase yoga just as we do so many things in life? Practice is about what it does to you and NOT what it makes you? In fact yoga should make you nothing,right? yoga releases what you have become and brings you down to Zero, which is our true existence? Any thoughts out there?