How Important Are Looks To A Yogi?

in Apr 16, 2024

So after watching the UK-famous TV show The Apprentice last night and finding out who won, I was actually shocked and began to wonder why people are so conscious about their bodies.


Good yoga teachers will teach us how to look within and we are taught we are not our body, not our mind, that we are just a witness. The ‘Theory of Karma’ (to do with reincarnation) and yogi vedic beliefs are we get reincarnated. So if the body dies and the soul lives on, why do we care so much about how we look?

The Apprentice: the business plan that won is very basically about Botulinum Toxin (Botow to you and me) which is all about playing & messing around with the body that was given to us at birth. Aren’t facial surgeries just playing with Nature? You tell me.


There are four 4 ashrams of Life: Brahmacharya, the childhood stage; Grihastha, the household stage; Vanaprastha, the hermit stage; and Sannyasa, the meditative state (detach from family life and supposed to meditate, go within). These days people have started to get botox in youth stage, when they’re meant to be experiencing family life they become their bodies… How are they ever going to reach the meditative state!? Too many are feeding their ego in such an early stage of their lives and are no longer able to reach that state. The Apprentice chose the path to go into your body through scientific and “fake” ways rather than allowing yoga do the same but in a natural way, why?! It’s all about Clinical Technology these days (I mean, even the Princess of Pop Britney Spears had her breasts insured, you know.. “Just in case”! Or lately famous American actress Angelina Jolie who had hers completely removed). OK it will make us look prettier but is it doing something to our egos as well? Through Yoga we transcend our ego, and that freedom is worth everything – it’s beautiful and is worth much more than ANY plastic surgery in the world. Don’t you think?


Yogi’s live in their body, but they are NOT their bodies. The body turns to ashes when we leave our body. All that remains is ashes and we transcend into another form.

So let me ask you…How much are you into your body?

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Yogi Hugs from Yogamasti