How To Celebrate International Yoga Day 2020 In Lockdown

in Apr 12, 2024

Here’s how to make this International Yoga Day 2020 the best yet – even in lockdown! International Yoga Day takes place on the 21st of June. This year it coincides with Fathers day in the UK – which is awesome as my Dad is a certified Yogi!

Usually this time of year we’d be all over Europe at Yoga festivals, taking in the sun, meeting hundreds of new people… but that’s not possible right now. The summer festivals are on hold and most of us are still working from home. But that doesn’t mean we’ve let go of the spirit of Yoga Day. It’s about taking stock of your achievements, taking a look at everything the beauty of Yoga has done for you, and finding new ways to experience Yoga.

So Here’s Why Lockdown Isn’t Getting In The Way Of Us Celebrating Yoga Day!


Yoga is in the heart, it’s in the body, and it’s in the head. We have all of those things with us in lockdown! We can’t let distance get in the way of experiencing the celebration. Just because we’re not at a festival or a class doesn’t mean we can’t feel the love Yoga has brought us in it’s entirety. So instead of focusing outward, let’s focus inward.

Isolation can’t stop us meditating on our achievements and hard work. We can still meditate on the improvements we’ve seen in how we feel and address the world, post Yoga awakening. Just writing these lines down has put me in the Yoga day mood!

Our Top Ways To Celebrate International Yoga Day 2020 In Lockdown

Get on the mat! (Obviously)

But really though! If you struggle with time, motivation and other problems, make Yoga Day THE day for ALL day Yoga business. No distractions, no indecision – just you and your mat. This day is all about appreciating what Yoga does for you and others, so dedicate that time!

Try something truely new with your Yoga practice

Now is the time to start researching, signing up and making plans for new things. Always been curious about a certain style of Yoga but never got around to it? Crack open YouTube and see what Kundalini Yoga can do for you. Sign up to try Goat Yoga or other weird and wonderful offerings in 2021.

Call your Yoga friends, teachers and classmates and say Happy Yoga Day!


Show that when we’re all miles apart, we’re still thinking of each other. This wonderful community is responsible for so many incredible people touching minds. It’s brought us all together under a unifying idea. Appreciate your connections and spread some Yogi love out there!

Get the family involved!

Teach them some Asana (maybe start with the easy ones! ;)) Maybe you can spread a little Yoga love to your family members? Show them everything Yoga has done for you. Young kids in particular are very amenable to trying new things and getting on the mat, so give it a try. We made an earlier post about trying Yoga and Meditation with the kids here.

Make post lockdown Yoga plans

You could also encourage friends and family to take Yoga classes with you after lockdown. It seems we’re all having those ‘After lockdown’s over we should definitely [insert awesome, expensive, improbable activity here]’ conversations. But Yoga classes are a fantastic, healing way to spend time together once we can socialize freely again. Gyms seem to be set to reopen around July.

Set new goals

Where would you like to be with your Yoga practice and headspace on International Yoga Day 2021? Write it down and make plans. Once a goal is on paper you’re 42% more likely to follow through! Make it a year of Yoga! A good goal if you use Yoga props/aids is trying to phase out the need for them by next year. Take a look at our post on planning for the year ahead. This was written as a kind of new years resolution post, but it works just as well for this purpose! It also includes a little goals form you can download.

Get out there!


You’re allowed to get out there and exercise, so why not get out there and Asana? Don’t be shy! Outdoor Yoga is completely invigorating and 100% worth it! We gave our top outdoor Yoga tips here. Just adapt for lockdown measures and stay safe.

So what will you guys be doing on International Yoga Day 2020?