Crystals For Yoga – Crystals For A Spiritual Yoga Practice

in Apr 12, 2024

We’ve put together a list of our recommended crystals for yoga practice. We know a lot of you yogis love your crystals too, and their natural energy gives more than just a pretty accent to a yoga room. When we practice yoga we are in the perfect mental state to accept spiritual healing and accept healing energy.

The physical and mental ‘reset’ we experience when completing a flow is exactly what we need to move forward positively. Even if you don’t have a feel for crystal frequencies or energy, just the ideas associated with them can help you in yoga and meditation. For example: if you struggle with motivation, keeping crystals known for aiding it around helps you visualize your goal of staying motivated. You carry a physical reminder of your goals and emotional sore spots, so you can improve on them.

Many Kundalini Yoga practitioners choose which stones to use in yoga based on which of the Chakras they feel they need to work on. Each Chakra has a crystal of the same colour associated with it, so many have a specific set of 7 that they like to use.

So! Let’s get started:


Properties: The ultimate ‘spirit stone’ and most popular with yogis. Amethyst enhances spiritual energy and opens the Crown Chakra, allowing our spiritual self to soar. Use in yoga to focus your mind on the higher self, so you can elevate your consciousness beyond the physical world. Amethyst is great for emotional healing, if you are one of those who likes to use yoga to let go of stress and painful emotions.

Clear Quartz

Properties: This stone is to keep your mind clear and your thoughts sharp, so you move mindfully from asana to asana. When put together with other stones, quartz also amplifies their properties.


Carnelian gives you a solid boost of energy when you need it most, and brings much needed heat and movement to your body. Use this stone to energize your practice and keep you motivated to push yourself.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz will keep you feeling positive and enthusiastic about your growth and healing. Associated with opening the heart chakra, Rose quartz keeps that self love energy high. Yoga is about the self – creating a more positive self through mind and body. You could say rose quartz is 100% a yoga stone!

Crystals can be very personal too, so don’t see these recommendations as ‘rules’. If there’s a particular stone that ‘sings’ to you – use it! Anything that gives us a little inspirational boost is always welcome, right? People don’t just put beautiful things in their yoga areas because they’re spiritually useful! Some stuff just makes us feel good to be around, whether we analyse why or not!