New In Spiritual Decor – Get Inspired By Your Living Space

in Apr 12, 2024

Oh boy have we got some beautiful spiritual decor treats for you this season! At Yogamasti we travel all over the world picking up our boutique products… and we love unique finds! A lot of our best products have been found when we were out shopping for something else. We believe there’s no reason why your living space can’t inspire you alongside your Yoga and meditation. Sometimes all we need is a rejuvenating atmosphere around us to get in the most beneficial head space.

Check out our blog on beautiful Yoga rooms here for some interior inspiration!

New In Soft Furnishings

Our Buddha statue place mats and table runner now has matching cushion covers! This print somehow manages to balance vibrant and zen and would really liven up a neutral room. The Buddha statue is seated in a meditation position. Check out our blog about different Buddha statue meanings here. You can grab the covers, runner and place mats separately or buy them as a matching set.

New Bronze Fixtures

Take inspiration by the hand! These are my personal favorite of the new batch of bronze work – Mudra cupboard handles! They’re a piece of spiritual decor you’ll use daily and will last a lifetime. They’ve got a beautiful temple look and feel (as well as being completely adorable!). They have such a delicate movement to them – definitely reminiscent of making these Mudras in a Yoga flow! They’re cast bronze so are much heavier than their size implies. Every time you open your cupboard doors and drawers you’ll reminded of the power of the Gyan Mudra hand gesture! This Mudra stimulates wisdom and knowledge – exactly what you need when you’re at home reflecting.

Next is this powerful Nepalese dragon! They represent primal forces of nature as well as longevity and a stalwart heart. Bronzework lasts a lifetime so it’s a great investment for your home spaces. These door handles also have the patina effect – you can just imagine opening an ancient temple door with these on!

New In Statues

Magnificent minis! These are an irresistible little treat! They can either be a mini statue or an incense holder, as they have little holes drilled in them for incense sticks. They’re barely the size of a cherry tomato but they weigh about 20 times as much! They’re heavy, solid bronze and look absolutely beautiful on your shelf. Truely a ‘little’ bit of inspiration for you! 3 Wise Monkeys Statue

Ganesha In Cupped Palms

Mini Elephant

We also have a new beautiful seated Buddha statue offering a blessing. Statues really uplift a space and create a wonderfully serene atmosphere. We have loads in our boutique and it stays so calm there, even when we have a thousand things to do! These are a smaller size Buddha perfect for a mantelpiece or to decorate an altar.

New In Fragrance

A gorgeous elephant incense holder that’s picture doesn’t do it justice (and the picture makes it look really nice!). It has tiny little mosaics set into it by hand and an intricate engraved patterns. It’s highly decorative as well as functional. Can you imagine it burning in a perfectly zen Yoga room?

So that’s it for the spiritual decor round up! Stay tuned for more though, as we’re always discovering more ways to make your home beautiful!