New Spiritual Jewellery For Summer – Get Inspired!

in Apr 12, 2024

More new additions in spiritual jewellery! Our newest jewellery pieces are sure to give you a burst of inspiration on the mat! You’ll find plenty of divine symbolism here. Tree of life, Om, Flower Of Life, Sacred Geometry and beautiful lotus flowers. Spiritual jewellery gives us inspirational reminders we can wear around with us, so we’re never disconnected with our spiritual aspirations. Remember the aspects of Om while you’re on the bus. Consider the Buddha while you’re buying your veggies. Look to your wrist in downward dog and be inspired by the holy lotus.

Gemstone Tree Of Life Necklaces



Sterling Silver Om Earrings


Om & Lotus Necklaces


Flower of Life And Shri Yantra Bracelets


Buddha Head And Lotus Seed Stretch Bracelets


Or you can browse our whole spiritual jewellery section here. These items make wonderful gifts for spiritual people, as they’re also something that serves as a constant reminder of spiritual ideals. Find the perfect gift for that special someone(or yourself!) in our newly expanded spiritual jewellery section!