Spring Has Sprung! Top Outdoor Yoga Tips From Yogamasti

in Apr 12, 2024

It’s a glorious spring day at Yogamasti and we can’t wait to get outside! It’s times like these that make you really appreciate what the outdoors has to offer. Picture this – a flowing yoga practice under falling blossoms… cool grass on your fingertips… wonderful!

Here are our outdoor yoga tips to get you started. You can get that dream practice outside, we promise!

  1. Stay safe! Check the ground where you will be practicing for debris and anything that might harm your mat (or you! A sharp pebble can get you through the mat, trust us!). Even the most gorgeous parkland can have litter! If you’re in a public area, make sure you aren’t going to be bothered, or suddenly have to deal with a lot of foot traffic.
  2. Make sure your equipment can stand up to wear and dirt. If your yoga mat will snag or get torn on stray twigs and pebbles, don’t take it. All our TPE yoga mats should be fine for outdoor use. Cloth mats can be great for the outdoors, as they’ll ‘mold’ to the ground more.
  3. Don’t worry about getting dirty. Don’t wear anything you don’t want getting dirty! That means machine washable clothes! Grass stains, dirt and dust are all part of the experience. Don’t let a fear of getting messy stop you practicing yoga in beautiful places.
  4. Check the weather forecast for the day you want to go AND the forecast for the days before and after. Weather forecasts aren’t always accurate and conditions can change at the drop of a hat, especially in spring. Try and have access to some shade and shelter as well as space to practice. Bring a jacket in your yoga bag.
  5. Be open minded! Plans, weather, conditions, friends and feelings can all change how your little yoga expedition turns out. Plus, a gorgeous spot you remember won’t always be as great for yoga as you thought, especially with pesky tree roots or soggy grass.
  6. We mean it, be open minded! Nature is beautiful and unpredictable, and that’s why we love it.