The Best Clothes For Yoga – Key Elements Your Yoga Wear Needs

in Apr 12, 2024

So what are the best clothes for yoga, and why? What does clothing need to work well in such diverse positions? How do we make our apparel perform specifically for yoga? Here we’re going to give you some examples of how our clothing is built to support practice – with real life examples, from a real life yoga teacher!

We have a lot of Yoga teacher regulars at Yogamasti, and it’s always wonderful to get visits from them in person! We asked Maureen from Love Yoga Life to take some snaps with us on our Winter 2018 photoshoot – so we could show customers what our apparel looks like on the pros! The pictures turned out so lovely and we are so grateful! That’s our #Buddhaboutique there in the background!

In this article our gorgeous model Maureen is wearing our organic Seamless Bhakti Leggings in black and gold, with matching Om Vest.

Stretch And A High Waist

If you’re picking leggings or capris over pants this is the biggest and most important point to note! There’s no yoga without stretching! Stretching is the whole point! Leg raises and bends need a lot of stretch from your fabric, but you also need high strength and bounce. Stitching needs to be tight, but flexible. Leggings that loosen up or slip down the more you move will get in the way of your practice! That’s why our seamless leggings are super stretchy, but don’t loosen or ride up over time. We don’t skimp on construction or length, so you know when you lift that leg up you wont drag your waistband down.

Smart Straps and Support

All our tops have in built bras and intelligently designed straps – movement in the arms and shoulders needs to be completely free, without sacrificing bust support. You need to know that when you drop into inversions or reach your arms, there will be no issues and discomfort from your shoulder straps or bra. You want a top that wont ride up or ‘spring’ up the back in deep bends. Having to pull your top down every 5 minutes is a nightmare! Plus this kind of thing can make people feel very exposed and uncomfortable!

Soft, Dry and Natural

Bad fabric makes a bad practice!! If your yoga clothing isn’t soft and comfortable, it’s not right for yoga! We know it’s hard to find decent garments that are both high tech and natural – and is it even possible to make? We know it is because we spent years getting the balance right! You can have organic cotton and all the moisture control of sports performance fabric! The whole outfit in this image is 80% organic cotton, but stretches and wicks moisture like a synthetic running shirt. Without sacrificing a super soft touch! Don’t let technical performance trump texture – it doesn’t matter if you’re dryer if the fabric feels like its made from camping tents!

We say the best clothes for Yoga are Yogamasti clothes (of course ;)). But when you’re shopping, wherever you’re shopping – keep these points in mind. Dress like a yoga teacher and you can’t go wrong!