The Science of the Chakras

in Apr 16, 2024

As we start our series on the Chakras today, let try to understand what they actually mean and whats the science behind them.

Chakras are something that we all must have spoken about at some point of time if your are a yogi or even if you are not a yoga guru something you must have heard in conversations when it comes to your yogi friends.

What are Chakras? Do they really exist? If so what exactly are they? What they mean to us? And whats the science behind them?  And how having a knowledge about them can benefit us?

Lets try and get an answer to all these questions in the most basic and simple way possible…so are you ready??

A basic definition which we all would know is…Chakras are the energy centres or wheels of energy through which the energy flows through our body. It is said that we have close to 114 chakras of which 7 are the main.

Ok so energy centres…no very clear what that means…right? So think of them as junction boxes or confluence of nadis. These Nadis are considered to be the vessels through which energy flow.

It is believed that everything in this universe is energy, something that is scientifically proven, it actually a part of Quantum Physics…trust me not getting into the details of that, I remember I promised to keep it simple !!

So now that we know that everything around us and we are also driven by energy, our ancient science has time and again proven to use this energy to ensure well-being. The movement of energy is vital to life. When we think, breathe, function or even when we are resting, electrical energy is flowing through our bodies via our neurones and nerve pathways. An this is what is the science behind our chakras.

Biologically speaking, the human body comprises of Central Nervous System (related to the brain and spinal cord) and Peripheral Nervous System (connects the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body).

So the Chakras are associated with the major nerve networks within the body, which connect from the brain/spine, via the major Vagus nerve, to the glands responsible for hormone production and the functioning of the body in general.

As seen in the above one can see how the various glands refer to the various chakras in the body. Simulating these nerve ending ensure a better functioning of these glands and hence help in keeping the human body fit.

Ok that was too much information I understand…so we stop here and will continue talking about the various Chakras in our subsequent posts. So keep reading…in the days to come we will focus on how each and every chakra can be simulated and what poses help maintain a balance in the body..