What Do Different Buddhas Mean?

in Apr 15, 2024

You see Buddha statues everywhere in the Yogi and meditation world. Have you ever wondered: what do different Buddhas mean? People seem to have specific statues in specific areas, and the different positions the Buddha is in seem significant. So how and why do they pick their Buddha? Well here’s a little guide for you. Using some of the statues we have in our boutique, we’ll explain the different meanings  of some of the most common Buddha statues.

Resting Buddha:

This Buddha represents the restfulness and tranquility gained through meditation. You will find this type of Buddha in meditation areas and tranquil gardens.

Sleeping/Lying Down Buddha:

This Buddha is often used to represent journeys and enlightenment. It depicts the Buddha in his last earthly moments, awaiting the journey to Parinirvana, after achieving enlightenment. The first depiction of the reclining can be found in Wat Pho temple in Bangkok, and is well worth a visit if you are ever travelling!

Medicine Buddha:

You will find this Buddha in places of healing – whether spiritual, physical, or emotional. You will find this statue in many homes as it is used to improve the wellness of the occupants, and to keep negative energies from the home. His upward facing palm represents stability and unimpeded meditation. The plant he holds represents the medicines of the world. This statue is used most often in prayer and meditation rooms as a shrine to recite healing mantras to. Many medicine Buddhas will be depicted with blue skin, and often have Lapis Lazuli stones set into them.

Remember there is massive variety in how the Buddha is depicted, but never worry about using the ‘wrong’ Buddha for the wrong thing/space. Spiritual statues are more about what they mean to you and your healing journey, rather than a prescriptive item for different functions. What do different Buddhas mean to you?