What Led Me To Designing Yoga Clothes-Last Part?

in Apr 17, 2024
Happy Valentines!

 Lets fall in love with yoga all over again…..I did this morning:)

Continuing and hopefully ending my story!

Back when my father was struggling with life there was a point when wherever I went I saw spiritual writings and books coming to me. ‘The Power Of  Now’ by Eckhart Tolle is my savior. I have read it umpteen times and every time it gives me renewed energy. My spiritual Guru’s words about ‘Live in the Moment’ always bring me back to my center whenever I go astray. Oh yes, I do!

As a natural progression of my experience in Yoga, I produced a Yoga DVD in Mumbai ,‘The Flow Within’ in 2009. During the making of the DVD, an idea to invent an authentic yoga wear range took force and the creative and an entrepreneur yogi in me decided to come up with YOGAMASTI, my brand of yoga wear which I launched at the yoga show at the Olympia in London in 2009.

I did not know anything about designing clothes but I assure you that when I put my heart into it I actually realized that the patterns will have to be comfortable ,they will have to have a fashion element in them and above all they will have to be yogalike!
There are far too many brands out there doing yoga clothing which is just an extension of Adidas nike and the like. Yoga clothes should have an holistic feel. I tried and it worked and here i am running a yoga online shop, hopefully with a difference.
 Good things happen when you are enjoying yourself, little nudges of the heart sometimes take you on an interesting turn on your path and that’s where I am at today.

 So, who am I? A Dancer? A Cop? A Yogini? An Ayurvedic masseuse? Or none of these? I surely am much more than all of these ….and am very aware that all this is taking me somewhere else …….where, I don’t want to know as I want to feel the excitement and joy of the moment when it comes ….

I just wanted to share my journey and hope that it will encourage the students who give up on their bodies and therefore on Yoga because of a disability. My broken neck never stopped me from my practice in both Yoga and Dance. In the bigger picture of life all is taken care of  and every little thing is predestined, so why think? Why worry?

Letting go is the hardest lesson that I am still learning. Hope you enjoy browsing through my yoga clothes for men and women on yogamasti.co.uk and send me your comments which will help me create more beautiful designs in the future.
New collection is out now! Take a look
Love and hugs to all x