What Led Me To Designing Yoga Clothes – Part 6?

in Apr 17, 2024
Hi,Where was I? Yeah, my sadguru left me before i had a chance to go deep within myself.
Shuddhi Dhyan (Dynamic Meditation) was perhaps the most powerful and intense experience I have ever had when i was practicing meditation with him. My inner world rocked, my body shook, I could feel my energy centers, the circular movement in the center of my heart and I cried and cried. Tears had their own way with me…when it all stopped, I don’t know but I was told that my Kundalini had awakened. Gods grace!

It was then that I decided that my next line of progression is Yoga.

Having completed my first teachers training at Sivananda institute of Yoga, Kerala, I started teaching yoga and with an intensity and love that I never knew in myself. The student in me took me to Mysore where I finished my second intensive teachers training . Along this, I had the privilege to delve in an ayurvedic treatment course and I now practice Ayurveda as well. 

Back to the midlands from the coconut corner of Mysore . This time my classes had another dimension to them, something had intensified in my own practice which subsequently showed in my teaching style. My classes are now very dynamic yet meditative. I cannot teach Yoga as a physical culture and breath and soul leads any Asana, from simple to the complicated.

Teaching anything is so much fun when it comes from the heart….

If you teachers are reading this, do tell me your story and what initiated you into yoga-ah!

Yoga stuff including yoga clothes came a lot later:)

I have a cake party to go to now so will catch up tomorrow..