What To Eat After Yoga – 4 Really Easy Post Yoga Snacks

in Apr 12, 2024

You’ve just finished a yoga class and you are ravenous! But stop right there! Don’t choose what to eat after yoga when you’re super hungry post-practice! Following yoga with a big meal is a bigger no-no! Not only are you likely to choose more unhealthy options, but you might over eat too. A heavy meal may put you right to sleep, derailing the rest of your day. So plan ahead! Chose a decent, filling snack which allows you to eat smarter later, when you go to pick your main meal.

So here are our top post yoga snacks!

Plum tomato, mozzarella and basil skewers

I like to eat low carb, so snacks like this are my best friend! Just layer up the ingredients and pop a couple of these in a tupperware or foil, and they’ll fit right in your yoga bag!

Half An Avocado with Chilli and Lime

Mash an avocado back into it’s shell along with pepper, salt, a sprinkle of chilli powder (cajun spice works great too!) and a squeeze of lime. It’ll be hard not to eat the other half!

Probiotic Yoghurt

An after workout staple for good reason! Make sure to choose a plain yoghurt that has live cultures and only naturally occurring sugars, though! Pop in a few berries or half an apple for flavour, instead of flavoured yoghurts. The last thing you need is a blood sugar spike and crash right after exercise!

Green Smoothie

We promise, PROMISE you can make a green smoothie that doesn’t taste like drinking a privet hedge! Try this: 1/2 banana, 1/2 apple, handful of fresh spinach, a sprig of mint leaves and a 1 cup yoghurt. Cool, refreshing, energising, and super good for you!