What Yoga Mats Are The Best For Different Types Of Yoga?

in Apr 17, 2024

Our Yoga Mat Towel is super absorbent for heated classes and has silicone dotted grips on the bottom, so you can practice on a towel surface without it slipping! This mat can also be placed on top of a regular TPE mat to give a soft and absorbent extra layer.

Best Yoga Mat For Ashtanga Yoga:

Our Extra-Wide Reversible Yoga Mat is your best bet for Ashtanga practice – it’s 6mm cushion and wider surface will keep up with you when you’re doing this dynamic and energetic Yoga discipline. With two textured sides, you can use the finer texture side with superior grip for the posture exercises, then turn it over to use the softer, ribbed side for the relaxation element.

Best Yoga Mat For Kundalini Yoga:

Chakras! Our Screen Printed Chakra Mat will give you that extra spiritual connection when you practice, with vibrant friction-resistant chakra symbols to give you a little visual ‘energy map’ while you practice. Pair it with our matching Embroidered Chakra Mat Bag and Hand Painted Chakra Meditation Wrap for a full set of artistic and holistic yoga kit!

Best Yoga Mat For Quick-Fix Yoga: 

If you practice on a ‘drop-in’ basis on lunch breaks or after work, your best bet is our Travel Mat. It’s half the weight and thickness of a regular mat, but still maintains the ultra-sticky surface texture and superior TPE material of our other mats. Even at 3mm, you still have enough cushion for a comfortable practice, and the weight means it’s ultra-portable and will fold as well as roll.

Best Yoga Mat For Hatha Yoga and Multi-Disciplinary Use:

Our two colour 6mm mats are fantastic all-rounders and will give you everything you need from a multi-purpose mat that will work for any non-specialised practice. They come in dual colours and textures, with a smoother, waved texture underneath if you prefer.

That’s it! We hope this helped you choose your mat!