Yoga and Ayurveda…..What’s the Connection??

in Apr 16, 2024

Both Yoga and Ayurveda are two very similar practices sharing a close relationship, so closely related that they are often described as two sides of the same coin…

Did you know that both these sciences have their origins in the Vedic texts where they address issues related to ways of a living a healthy life and achieving the unity between mind, body and soul.

Lets explain it in a very simple manner…..If Ayurveda is the healing aspect, yoga is the spiritual/practical side of the Vedic teachings…and when put together as a team they help promote wellness of the body, mind and spirit. It a complete towards living a holistic and full filing life.

Here is a quick fact…Do you know that the close relationship between Yoga and Ayurveda has even led to some scholars arguing that Patanjali, considered by many to be the father of yoga, and Charaka, often considered as the father of Ayurveda, may have in fact been one and the same person known in Vedic India by different names during his travels to spread the teachings of these ancient sciences.

Both Yoga and Ayurveda are driven by the same principles and are aimed at achieving similar objectives, there exists a unique relationship between the two and this is the key reason that they co-exist…Ayurveda is the larger umbrella under which the practice of Yoga falls…

Ayurveda is highly individualistic and sees each individual as unique and an individual’s path toward perfect health as a unique path. Hence, what is right for each individual is unique to that individual, thats described as a person’s unique genetic background or constitution or dosha.

Ayurveda prescribes a unique, “tailor-made” program to each individual based upon his/her constitution and the nature of the imbalance. As with diet, herbs, colors, aromas, etc, Ayurveda sheds light on which specific yoga asanas are best for each individual based on his/her constitution.

Hence, one can say that though Yoga alone can be practiced alone, Ayurveda gives it more precise direction and tells you what is suited well for your body.

Hope this blog has helped you to get a better understanding of these two amazing vedic sciences that have been benefitting us since ages..

Keep smiling and stay healthy!!

Yogi Hugs 🙂

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