Satya Yoga Incense – Premium Marsala Sticks, Boxed



Satya Yoga Incense blended to accompany your Yoga practice! Many Yoga teachers will burn incense in their classes, so get the Yoga class feeling at home. These are premium marsala sticks made by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya, who produce the most famous Nag Champa incense. They are the most popular incense manufacturers and do great blends. Each box is sealed and has an inner sleeve which holds the sticks. It contains 15 sticks, each with a burn time of 30-40 minutes. That’s a lot of Yoga sessions per box! Remember if you’re burning incense outside or in a breezy room, it will burn more quickly.

The box also says “For peace of mind, a better body, and sanity in a hectic world.” That’s Yoga summed up! A Yoga teacher would love this for a class, as it is an earthy, purifying scent that will uplift any room. Light in your Yoga room or space to clear your mind and keep you cantered. Burn during meditation for an uplifting and focused experience. Incense is a fantastic tool in our meditation kit. A fantastic aromatherapy option.

Made using traditional rolling techniques. Hand made in India. All elements are natural and derived from herbs and flowers.

Remember never to leave incense unattended. Keep the area around the incense clear. Always monitor children around burning incense. Don’t leave the kids unattended around incense. Make sure you also catch the falling ash, as this can still be hot. So lastly, check out our ornamental incense holders here and burn your new Ayurvedic incense in style. You’ll have no mess, while adding a little eastern style to your home. Incense holders are a must have, and come in many different shapes and styles.

Product yoga incense Features:

  • Yoga incense that compliments Yoga practice
  • Boxed and sealed with inner sleeve
  • 15 sticks
  • Traditional high quality marsala incense
  • Burns for 30-40 minutes provided they are not in the wind


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