Everyone’s Path is Different

in Apr 30, 2024
Does it matter what path you take? It can be very physical aspect of yoga which ultimately will get rid of your false self the ego or it can be a peaceful meditative journey. You can do vipassana and stay in silence or you could scream and shout all you like and cross the limits as Osho says…once you have done absolutely enough of anything, then only we can truly get rid of it…

Each one of us have a different calling based on what aspects of living we are going through and need attending to. Yoga and yogic way of life is one.

Aim is the same- to get rid of our 5 evils according to Vedas. Are they actually evil if done moderately? Can we do them moderately is more so the question, right? The more we do something the more we have to do and here starts a never ending cycle. So to stay aware in your doing can be called meditation and just watching that can be a yogic path.

Hey guys whatever your path, be sincere to it.

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let your path cross this way.

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