Sourcing And Designing

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All our products are designed in house by Yoga teachers so please buy with confidence.We have taken into consideration foremost the spirit of yoga not to forget the comfort level of garments in a yoga posture.The mantras and spiritual motifs are designed and placed for you to feel like a yogi and enhance your practice. For example our mantra wraps will make you want to sit in meditation.

All our tops have built in support that will hold you well in your practice.

We source and produce all our fabrics, from organics to natural viscose.They are all sourced and produced ethically. We know our manufacturers through our regular visits to their factories to ensure that no child labour is involved and that working conditions are good for the workers. In our physical bricks and mortar store in coventry all products are sourced by Aanika who tries to buy them from not high street retailers but smaller shops adding to their growth.

We aim at contributing towards each others growth. Yogamasti was born in 2009 through sheer love of yoga and no plans for it to be a business but we found our love for it growing which was doubled by your interest in our philosophy and our garments hence we still around to serve you :) Hope you enjoy wearing our garments. Your feedback means the world to us so please leave your reviews when you can and help.