What To Wear

Yoga Clothes

As a very physical practice, comfortable clothing is essential. Yogamasti ensures our products are made to fit you as a second skin as you move from posture to posture. We have created designs made for all needs and body shapes. Fitted – to see your form in postures, or loose – to allow for more movement. All of our products let your body move and will not cause any restriction when attempting new balances. Our high cotton and organic fabrics will work with your body naturally as you reach new heights. Clothes that perform, look good and feel great will let you focus on your practice with no distractions. Clothing with holistic motifs might just inspire your practice and, of course, will put you in the Yoga mood!

Yoga Mats

A good Yoga mat will result in great Yoga practice. For beginners we recommend our textured mat for added grip. Feel confident in your Asana practice as you get to know the poses with a mat that wont let you slip. Once you’ve reached the advanced stage Asana, choose a practice mat that suits your style of practice or Yoga discipline. For example, people who practice Kundalini Yoga will love our Chakra mat, while those that practice active Ashtanga may want to choose an extra wide mat. Our range of yoga mats are eco friendly, biodegradable and non toxic. Find the perfect yoga mat in our Yoga Mat section!

Yoga Mat Bags

Your yoga mat needs protection as your sacred mat will be energized by your practice. To ensure your mat gets from A to B in perfect condition and convenience, we’ve created unique Yoga Mat bags that still have all the utility you need. Versatile and stylish; our bags will all allow you to carry a good quality yoga mat to your class, gym and anywhere else. We design spacious bags with pockets for your essentials including your towel, extra clothing, phone and water bottle. We also add a water resistant lining in case you get caught in the rain on the way to class. Look the part and feel the part as you practically and stylishly move your yoga mat from home to practice.

Yoga Accessories

Its the little things that count. Having the right yoga accessories can be the difference between practicing yoga at a beginners level, and moving on to advanced level. Yoga belts and yoga blocks are made specifically to enhance your postures. They greatly aid your balance and get you to an advanced level faster. The most important job of belts and blocks is to support your muscles while you learn. They can also be used to enhance and support the abilities of people with physical limitations.