Our Journey

About Yogamasti

Yogamasti takes pride in our uniqueness and we’ve had a hard, rewarding journey to where we are today! Yogamasti is a dynamic Yoga and activewear label founded on the idea that you do not have to sacrifice creativity or style to produce a functional, durable apparel collection. We design and produce everything in house from fabrics to prints to pant cuffs. You know that you are never buying a generic item with Yogamasti! Skin friendly certified organic materials and high cotton content are our staples, including our seamless activewear. We use unique aspects like delicate hand painted motifs to let you feel the inspiring artistic hand in your garment. Handmade recycled patchwork detail on mat bags and delicate embroidery shows the skill and creativity that goes in to our ethical, responsible manufacturing.

With a founder who is both a dance and Yoga teacher, there is a unity of both a professional and personal eye here. Holistic motifs combine with high tech seamless fabrics, bringing the best of the past and the future together. Beautiful, practical Yoga and gym wear with the Yogi soul.

Wear on the yoga mat, or off the yoga mat for everyday wear, our stylish yoga clothing will make you look and feel great no matter where you are. All our Yoga wear is extremely durable and the majority can be machine washed over and over – even the hand painted pieces! To complete your yoga kit and keep the Yogi soul, Yogamasti also provides you with spiritual yoga mats, yoga accessories and spiritual jewellery and homewares. We love any feedback you wish to provide us on our products, services, website or any comments or reviews that you would like to share with us! Reach us at info@yogamasti.com or feel free to give us a call on 0044 02476 996218 from 8 am to 5 pm.

About Aanika

Yogamasti Founder

At the young age of seven, Aanika began her explorative journey into herself when she stepped into those heavy brass bracelets. Allowing the classical brass sounds to weave her into the wondrous colours of Classical Indian, Folk, Contemporary and the ever so popular Bollywood styles of Indian Dance. Performing in UK, India, Spain, Japan and Canada her holistic dance led to a discovery of new things.

With a passion for dance Aanika gradually extended her repertoire to Yoga. A desire to understand her inner world took her to various ashrams, taking out time from life, as she studied meditation under the personal guidance of learned gurus. This journey led her to teach and practice yoga as a way of life for the past seven years. A student of life, Aanika is a Yoga Instructor, Indian Classical Dancer and an Ayurvedic Masseuse, with the versatility to encompass all three. All of her practices involve holistic inner and outer body work. As a child of New Delhi in India, Aanika trained in Yoga from the Sivananda Vedanta Institute of Yoga, Kerala, India.

To truly find herself in Yoga, she immersed in further Yoga training from Yoga Alliance, Mysore, India. Hatha Relax and Hatha Power are both practices that Aanika has mastered. Yoga and dance are two equal parts of a whole which she endeavours to bring together in a stimulated exciting language of Yogic Dance. Join Aanika in finding the depths of your true selves, through Yoga and related practices