Payment Options

Yogamasti never stores any credit or debit card numbers and do not share it with any third party. You as a customer are secure and protected in all of your transactions with us.

You can make payments using any major CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL or telephone us to take a PHONE PAYMENT

Yogamasti credit card payments are taken using pay pal’s secure encrypted checkouts so you can rest your mind that your data is completely secure.

When you are taken to the secure payment area you can choose whether you wish to pay by credit/debit card or use your pay pal account if you have one.

You can always pay by phone if you wish. Please call us on 0044 7723423719 and someone from our team will lead you through the sale.

Payments by cheque can be made by email or calling us directly. We will reserve your item and upon receiving payment, your items can be despatched.

Please do not hesitate to call us in case of any queries.