Yogamasti Retreat Teachers

Sandra Barnes

Sandra is a free spirited and playful Yogini from Argentina who has been teaching yoga in England since the family moved here over 24 years ago. Her accent & the way she shares her thoughts through words cannot be forgotten.

She is the co-creator of Love All Ways Yoga with her daughter Sofia. Together they enjoy creating & holding space for others through workshops, classes, retreats & ceremonies. You can find their presence at an array of Yoga & wellness festivals & gatherings, as well as offering immersive ‘YogaVentures’ across the globe.

She weaves embodied movement, meditation, ritual, sound baths & the power of vibrational medicine to all her offerings, with the aim to bring you home to your inner beloved, hoping to leave you feeling relaxed & nourished, energized & radiating LOVE.

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About Her Teaching

Sandra’s style is unique and heart warming, with inspiration gathered from a vast variety of modalities, yoga styles, teachers and experiences. Each session is playful and relaxed, inviting creative exploration of expression and movement, connecting people to their inner rhythm and fluidity.

Oozing positivity & love, her teachings aim to connect you to the beauty of the world – and the life within and around us. Sound healing will be woven into all her sessions using gongs, drum, rattles, chimes and more.

With Sandra you will explore different Yoga styles, approaches, holds & flows. You’ll harmonize balance, building strength, welcoming flexibility, and melting into the moment.

As well as Yoga, Sandra will share other sessions to enjoy! From a cacao ceremony with an elemental dance journey on our rooftop terrace, to Yoga Nidra under the stars. Everything she offers is simply guidance and an invitation. You can partake in as much or as little as you wish.

Nourishing, energizing movement will be shared, woven together with positive affirmations, guided meditations, beautiful visualisations & grounding mudras, while connecting to the power of breath throughout. Join in and you will find sessions culminate with soothing, transporting sound baths & guided meditations.


Katia Didymiotou

Katia is a trained and experienced Kundalini yoga teacher originally from Greece though settled in London. She enjoys both places as her teachings take her back home often. Her passion for yoga started a few years ago when she was going through a rough phase in life. The more she delved deeper into yoga and its blessings the more she yearned to be a teacher. She specifically chose to do Kundalini practice after having visited the 3ho European kundalini festivals in france. There was no stopping after that for katia. She immersed herself in many diverse workshops with renownd kundalini specialist teachers, did her own teacher training from London and now teaches privately in London and Greece.

A joyful and serene spirited woman, katia is a physically energetic person with a heart of gold. Her classes will leave you completely nourished and you will feel breath of joy flowing through you with her pranayama kriyas. She works on different angles of our personalities through her style of kundalini practice and it helps us with our own kundalini awakenings, more so our meditations will get deeper and more meaningful. Her yoga is very physical too as she incorporates some hatha sequences in it to make and provide for a fuller practice.

Her style of teaching is easy and relaxed and will suit all yoga types and levels. Since kundalini yoga works at a deeper level not just physical ,hence anyone who is grounded and wants to have a relaxed and meaningful yoga break will absolutely love this retreat with her.


Jackie Head

Meet Jackie, an exceptionally intuitive yoga teacher with a natural ability to blend her deep understanding of the physical practice with over two decades of healing experience.

With a graceful and effortless approach, Jackie believes that the transformative power of yoga extends far beyond our perceived limitations.

She passionately emphasizes the importance of cultivating presence in every moment of our practice, as she firmly believes it unveils the magic of our true nature.

Jackie’s extensive knowledge stems from a diverse range of trainings both on and off the yoga mat. She loves sharing her wisdom and insights with an open heart and generous spirit.

For more than 25 years, Jackie has immersed herself in various yoga styles including Iyengar, Scaravelli, and Vinyasa. In 2014, she earned her certification as a Vinyasa teacher after training under the guidance of Claire Missingham.

Jackie has been a Reiki/Seichem Master since 2001, harnessing the power of energy healing, and is an advanced Theta practitioner.

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey with Jackie as your guide, as she wholeheartedly invites you to unlock your potential and experience the radiance of your authentic self.

She is currently teaching in North London

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Camilla Sundberg

Camilla Started her yoga journey in 2000 as a student in the Kundalini tradition.

Originally from Sweden she moved to London in 2007 and continued her practice there exploring different yoga styles and teachers.

In 2013 she decided to take the leap and train to become a Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher with Claire Missingham. She has over 500 hours training with Claire and has assisted her in workshops, teacher training and classes ever since.

In the lineage Camilla is trained yoga is a holistic approach connecting body, mind, breath and spirit using the “tools of yoga”.

In her classes students experience asana, kriyas, meditation, pranayama, mudras and chanting accompanied by music reflecting the theme.

Today Camilla teaches yoga guided by the Astrological seasons. She is weaving the yogic philosophy with the energies of the sky to navigate the cosmic tides by using the ‘yogic tools’ as a guide to embody, align, connect and thrive with that energy of the Astrological season.

Camilla is based in South London, UK and mainly teaches in her local community.

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Arianna Santucci

Meet Arianna. Her yoga journey started when she walked into her very first yoga class following an operation that left her almost crippled and unable to walk straight for 3 months.
Through yoga practice Arianna was able to find her strength and mobility again and she fell completely in love with it. Yoga gave her the right mindset to heal and become stronger both physically and mentally.
Arianna owes to yoga so much of what she has become today.
In order to understand better alignment and to progress in her own practice Arianna embarked on her first teacher training.
She teaches from the perspective that all the poses are possible and that you should always be curious to see what you can do when you set your mind on learning something new. “Challenges are there to give you the possibility to overcome them and teach you so much about yourself.
Start to explore and you will see how amazing the journey can be”.

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Rebecca Hannah

Rebecca was introduced to yoga through physical theatre and performance. As a performer she was initially attracted to the physical side of yoga and how it could be used as a tool for creative expression. After her 200hr YTT in hatha followed by an additional 200 hours in ashtanga, she discovered a passion for creativity in different styles of movement disciplines. This interest was channelled into further trainings, including 200 hours of Yogic Arts with Duncan Wong (a fusion of martial arts, Thai massage and yoga), 50 hours Tripsichore Yoga Choreography, calisthenics, and circus arts. She has taught workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in over 20 different countries across four continents. This includes her signature training ‘The Art of Flex-ability’ which combines drills, assists, and transitions inspired by yoga, contortion, dance and Thai massage.
Rebecca’s intention as a teacher is to help students discover presence through play, teaching sequences that are fun, innovative, creative and smart. She believes in a strong focus on developing the strength to safely support flexibility, while using movement as a tool for mindfulness, communication, creativity and self-expression.

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Maureen Thompson

Maureen’s motivation to teach yoga comes from being able to share with others the benefits that she personally discovered from its regular practise. Through her exposure to Yoga she has found great health and happiness and really loves being able to pass on her wonderful experiences.

Maureen has been practicing Yoga for about 12 years and is a qualified Sun Power Yoga Teacher and a member of the Register of Exercise Professional (REPS level 3), however she finds that there is always more to learn about the amazing subject of Yoga and her learning continues on a daily basis through self practice and study.

One of the best things Maureen enjoys about teaching, is meeting all the students that come to her classes each week. Yoga attracts people from all walks of life, all with their own unique reasons for coming and she really loves to see how these diverse groups of people connect instantly through her Yoga.

Maureen teaches in Coventry and looks forward to each of her weekly classes where she thrives on meeting up with different groups of friends and sharing the challenges and incredible rewards of each Yoga Practice.

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Shona Croft

Shona has been a Pilates instructor for 14 years. Originally teaching in the UK, she closed her studio three years ago during the pandemic and moved to Spain where she now teaches to locals in Javea. Her practice includes classical and contemporary Pilates with matwork , reformer & kettlebells.
Shona is looking forward to organising her first retreat next May!

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Meltem Naylor

Meltem is a qualified and passionate teacher in both Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga. She is also a trained Breathwork Instructor, Reiki Master Practitioner, Cacao Ceremony Facilitator and Sound Therapist.

From starting out as a Yoga beginner over 20 years ago, Meltem has experienced Yoga’s therapeutic benefits both in terms of physical and mental wellbeing, helping her to manage stress and anxiety, develop confidence, self love and supporting her cognitive function. This personal experience of Yoga has encouraged her to share her knowledge with others through her own Yoga teaching.

She teaches to all levels and abilities, providing a relaxed, welcoming environment in which everyone can learn, develop and practise at their own pace.

Meltem also specialises in working with people with limited mobility, disabilities and varying communication needs, gaining fourteen years’ experience of supporting people with hearing or visual impairments, Cerebral Palsy, wheelchair users, Down’s Syndrome, Autism, ADHD and learning difficulties.

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