Buddha Boutique News – We’re Reopening Next Week!

in Apr 12, 2024

Finally some Buddha Boutique news for everyone! We’re re-opening! Fargo Creative Village (where we have our physical store) is beginning a soft reopen on Thursfday the 18th of June! There will of course be some huge changes to how we and Fargo Village are operating. Currently our plans are to open our Fargo store before our Coventry Market store, as Fargo has less heavy and public foot traffic. But remember, as times are so uncertain right now, please follow our social media to check for any other changes.

What Changes Will There Be In Store?


If you’ve visited our beautiful boutique before you know we’re not overflowing with space. We like to think it’s because we’ve crammed so much unique and beautiful stuff! So of course we will be implementing measures to reduce and control foot traffic, so no one has to violate social distancing guidelines due to lack of space.

Will The Opening Times And Days Change?


Yes! So for the soft re-open Fargo Village itself will be closing earlier than usual. This means the whole of the Fargo premises and not just our shop. If you don’t know, Fargo Village is a collection of small creative businesses and resident artist on a beautiful gated modern site. As the opening hours are going to be site-wide, we will be following those. Our opening hours will now be:

From the 18th of June:

Monday – Closed (as usual)

Tuesday – Sunday 11am to 4pm

How Will You Be Keeping Safe?

We will be regularly disinfecting and wearing very fashionable and flattering plastic visors! We will give more information closer to the time, as we implement the measures in store. We’ll of course be providing signage and information for customers on how to move about safely in store.

Please Don’t Be Scared To Visit!


We would love to see you! We assure you we will be keeping to strict social distancing measures. Closing our physical store has meant we can’t stay as connected with customers as we would like. We always love to chat, talk Yoga and spirituality, and advise you on our products. People deserve the Buddha Boutique experience! The atmosphere just cant be replicated online, sadly.

We can’t wait to see you all again! Many stores at Fargo will be reopening with us, so come on down! We hope to see you next week!

Please make sure to follow our social media for more Buddha Boutique news and to stay updated! Any questions or queries about our reopening? Please drop us a comment!

Stay safe everyone,

Much Love,