Top 3 Ways To Stay Motivated To Do Yoga

in Apr 12, 2024

So you’ve taken up yoga. You love it. You feel the benefits it brings you. But it’s far too easy to fall off the yoga wagon when there’s so much else that needs doing, right? Regular practice can improve your life drastically, and you get that now. But how to stick with it when you’re life’s so busy and you’ve got so many commitments already? You need some foolproof ways to stay motivated to do Yoga from your friends at Yogamasti!

To start: We always recommend doing yoga as regularly as you can until it becomes a habit. Once this habit is built yoga just becomes a part of your everyday routine. When yoga is your everyday life, you’re far less likely to drift away and stop getting all the health and wellness benefits it provides. So how to stay motivated until you’ve integrated your yoga practice completely?


What are your goals with yoga? To tone up? Get more flexible? Lose weight? Find peace of mind? All of the above? Our top tip is to keep visual reminders of your goals around you, so yoga is never far from your mind. This can take the form of pictures on the fridge, following social media accounts with inspiring yoga images (can we reccomend @yogamasti on instagram? ;)), and inspiring spiritual symbols. Remember though, this tip isn’t about putting visual reminders to guilt you into practice, it’s about reminders that inspire you to practice! Yoga should always be a positive thing!


Building a good relationship with a teacher or mentor is key to keeping you in the yoga game. Success inspires us! Achieving goals inspires us! And the best way to progress and reach them is having a teacher who both inspires you and understands your needs. A progress plateau or setback can kill that drive to practice pretty quick, we know this too well! That’s when your teacher or mentors guidance comes in. They can give you the steps and direction you need to get back on your path.


Yoga is flexible – you can tailor and add to practice in so many ways. Find music to play while you practice. Light some incense! Light some candles! Go and practice somewhere beautiful outdoors. Yoga doesn’t have to be just about physical wellness – treat it like running yourself a rejuvenating bath from time to time. Self care and self motivation go hand in hand, and narrowing our focus blurs out the big picture. Your practice, your way!