Inspirational Quotes In Lockdown Round Up

in Apr 12, 2024

Let’s stay positive and keep the inspiration flowing. It’s so easy to stagnate when the day to day is always so similar and confined. Inspirational quotes in lockdown can give us that extra little boost to make the day feel progressive and productive. Check out our other inspirational yoga quotes here. We also posted some lockdown meditation wellness & family meditation ideas here.

We chose these quotes to address common negative feelings people are experiencing in these unique circumstances. So here’s some confidence boosting thoughts on self improvement, mental blocks and negativity.

So don’t worry…

You don’t have to be new, improved you, post-lockdown


Just because someone’s learned the trombone and lost 50lbs in lockdown, it doesn’t mean you owe anyone a big reveal. Or even any change at all! Time alone and time at home does not have to be productive, or self improving, or educational. You don’t have to do anything else than be to deserve free time. Comparing yourself to another person is like comparing apples and oranges. Everyone has unique life experience, resources and mental health concerns. Trust us, no one is as shiny and well as they look on Instagram. Don’t compare your morning mirror to someone elses filtered freshness. Self contained self love is all you need to bloom, all on your own.

You don’t have to hold on to your pre-lockdown self, either.


Plenty of us carried a lot of baggage into lockdown that we were forced to take a hard look at. What we can’t let go of ends up defining us and choosing the path we take for us. Letting go of our baggage and stepping forwards stops us being dragged along by (ironically) our own obstacles.

The Best Thing You Can Do Right Now Is Learn More About Yourself


Probably one of the inspirational quotes in lockdown I’ve looked back at the most. This is some solid, beautiful wisdom from the Buddha I’d write on my forehead if I could! No goal is ever more valuable, nor milestone reached, than finding understanding. To understand yourself is to offer yourself the same compassion, patience and encouragement you’ve been offering everyone else in this crisis. Nothing will ever make you stronger than compassion given freely to the self.

We hope these quotes helped you as much as they helped us. What’s your favourite inspirational quote?