Chakra Accessories Spotlight! – Mats, Scents And Beyond!

in Apr 16, 2024

Whether you’re a Chakra novice or a seasoned expert, we have so many treats to show you! The 7 symbols of the Chakras (see our intro to the Chakras here) are not only gorgeous, they help us to focus our energy where it needs to go. Each Chakra is an individual idea and so has a unique design in each of our products. From highly detailed embroidery to delicate hand-painted motifs, our design team knows how to make them (and you!) shine with all our Chakra accessories.

Hand rolled in India using pure fragrances, our Chakra incense is blended in seven unique ways to activate specific Chakras. This can enhance Chakra meditations enormously, and focus the mind further on where you want to direct it. Meditation can be about the senses as well as the mind, and scent is a powerful tool to use.

Our Fairtrade Chakra meditation mats are exquisitely embroidered and enhance your décor as well as your meditations! Soft woven reed and cotton, they are very flexible and easy to store away and roll out.

Chakra bags – carry your yoga mat in style! Embroidered Chakra symbols along the length catch the eye and feel great to the touch. Add some fun to travelling to your yoga classes!

Well that’s it for now, we’ll be back soon with more Chakra fun and some brand new Chakra products… watch this space!


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