Yoga for the Back

in Apr 16, 2024

Happy Sunday Everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about Yoga and it’s relation to our Back. Now a lot of people seem to think that yoga is all about being the most flexible person on the planet and that it’s in fact quite bad for the back. Can I just say whaaattt?

Yoga is definitely the best type of exercise you could give your back (I promise it’ll thank you by the end of your session). At first, I couldn’t understand why someone would say it’s bad- but then I looked it up… Apparently, many people with back pain attempt to practice stretches which are in fact more concentrated on the legs and hamstrings. This is because when we were all still in school and during P.E. our teachers would make us stretch our legs before playing basketball or tennis or whatever else. Not practice for a particular case, such as the back. And the irony of this, is that certain stretches can in fact damage the lumbar spine and in turn worsen back problems.

So! Before you go off and practice “yoga” and then complain about how it’s terrible and has worsened your case, inform yourself of which practice is best suited to your needs and set yourself a set of poses that you are sure won’t affect you and will in fact ameliorate your condition.
Let us know how you cope with certain pains in the body with yoga, we’d love to hear it!

Hogi Hugs from Yogamasti

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