Yoga Belts/Straps Anyone?

in Apr 16, 2024


Have you ever used a yoga belt or yoga strap before? Do you even know why you should?

Definition: A yoga belt is usually a tightly woven strap made out of cotton or hem with a buckle at the end for adjusting it’s length. They’re designed to be slip-proof and smooth so that there is no friction on the hands or feet during practice. They are used for positions that are a little too out of reach for some (so for people who aren’t yet flexible enough to achieve a certain pose, a belt will help them get there).


Usage: Generally, the belt is used to artificially lengthen the legs or arms so as to be able to stretch into an approximation of a pose. Common uses of a belt include:

  • Looping it around the feet and stretching the upper body in a forward bend, either seated or standing;
  • Fixing the arms into the loop to engage them into position for plow position or for bridge pose; or
  • Aligning the belt behind the back with both hands for certain shoulder stretches.


The advantages of using a belt for beginners are copious. Firstly and most importantly, attempting a pose you can’t do without a belt can cause torn ligaments or muscles. A belt helps beginners to get a good feel of what the position alignment should be like and also relieves frustration of not being able to do so at that particular stage. The belt isn’t just for beginners though, experienced practitioners who like to work deeper into poses can use a belt and gain more experience to move onto advance practice.

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