Turn the Music Up! How to use music in yoga and meditation.

in Apr 16, 2024

We all love a good jam to some music every now and then! Aanika Chopra, the founder of Yogamasti, is a dance teacher as well as a yoga instructor. She even has a DVD class available!

Don’t doubt that music can be incredibly helpful when you’re meditating or practicing on the mat. Music can relax, slow down, or excite us. It can get us in the mood for anything – helping us through that seemingly endless stack of washing up, or make a long walk in the rain something joyful and positive.

How to use music to your advantage, both in life and yoga practice:

Compilations! There’s a music compilation out there for practically everything, from washing the car to hot yoga. And if it’s not on CD, you can bet it’s on YouTube! Energise yourself through a sequence of Ashtanga with an Indian string instrumental or chanting. You wouldn’t believe the wonders a ‘soundtrack’ can do for your yoga practice, no matter the style. Slow, atmospheric chanting or singing can also be the key to getting into the relaxed, rhythmic movements from Asana to Asana.

Music prevents the wandering thoughts and silence that can prove even more distracting than ambient noise. Some people play nature sounds like rain or bird song while they are doing their yoga practice, so they feel as if they are practicing peacefully outside. (Even if they’re in the middle of the concrete jungle.)

Meditation is difficult for some people for some of the same reasons as above – silence it’s self can be distracting! If you find yourself trying to sink into meditation but not being able to banish your internal monologue, try music designed specifically for meditations. You could even tailor the music to Chakra meditations, if there is a specific one you are currently working on. For example, if you’re working on your Throat Chakra, strong chanting or lilting, melodic singing can keep your mind focused on where it needs to be. Working on your root Chakra? How about drumming and percussion to make you feel more connected to the earthy, primal feelings?

Whatever you need, there’s music for it, and it’s just a search away! You’ll be amazed just how quick and easy it is to boost your lifestyle with its own ‘soundtrack’. Give it a whirl and turn the music up!